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Resources On The Web.

Many of you have reached out asking for resources where you can find the truth. Well, my Patriot Pals, ask and you shall receive. 

Below we have listed many good research resources that have actual facts and data. In my opinion, these sources demonstrate higher journalistic integrity than many of today’s mainstream news sources.   

In today’s world many of theHeadline Best Headline Everfacts we read, the logic supporting them, and the media reports are not accurate or are inverted. Lies are now truth and truth and facts are distorted or debunked. Science is either debunked or outright false and opinions are falsely propagandized. 

It is common today that once trusted sources of facts and objective opinions are now totally compromised, but that’s an entire rabbit hole in and of itself. 

I no longer use Google or Wikipedia for any research, as they both are working against We The People with the corrupt media to gaslight humanity into walking willingly towards our own demise.

I hope this helps you start your own journey towards truth, it is out there! Honestly, once you start down the path, it’s both fascinating and fun! Share what you learn without fear, and always remember armed with truth and facts nothing can stop what is coming! Enjoy!