Martin, Joanna and Charlie Ward Breaking News 2-6-2021

9 thoughts on “Martin, Joanna and Charlie Ward Breaking News 2-6-2021

  1. Anonymous says:

    st patrick was a welsh murdering bastard for the church amd killed thousands of druids and there families in ireland and scotland, pope was so pleased he made him a saint

  2. Cindy R Helmoski says:

    I love how you show the truth not just tell. You and Simon. I will pray for you. All Christians should be nice.

  3. sara says:

    about the masks, to be clear, i used to work in the operating theatre. we can go through operations up to 5 hours at a time. but don’t forget, we are in an air conditioned room and not doing every day things like the crazies wearing their mask outside all day long. but surgeons will wear their masks for longer than thirty minutes

  4. Nuala White says:

    Charlie. As someone from N. Ireland i gotta say you’re comments re us up here are shocking and shows you know nothing about us.
    Challenge you to allow me to respond on air and give you some of the real truth. Nuala. Best wishes.

  5. sara says:

    also, at the inauguration i noticed that biden’s wifes shoes changed color. she walked in with white shoes and at the inauguration she was wearing blue ones

  6. Chris Wade says:

    Charlie, I’m sorry for my comment yesterday afternoon. I have heard you say so many times and you have even told Simon that you guys can’t provide dates and times like 2-5-2021 @ 6:00 PM EST. When you did that I just knew it was the real think. I just want the non believers to have their eyes opened up. They think we are crazy! I’m sure you felt bad when nothing came of it. Thanks for what you do sir.

  7. Patricia says:

    Love to hear you Irish accents

  8. Jo Robinson says:

    Hi Charley
    Where does Martin and Joanna have their videos please.
    Thank you

  9. Chris Griffin says:

    We only have 100 senators 2 per 50 states where’d you informant get 109?

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