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Putin delivered his annual New Year's Address to the Russia and The World!

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his annual New Year's Address to the nation on December 31, 2023, emphasizing Russia's success in restoring peace and order, improving the economy and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

The President thanked all Russian citizens for their efforts over the past year, stating that through determination and hard work, many challenges had been successfully overcome. He stated that together with renewed trust in the state and improved quality of life for citizens, “Russia has finally found a path to long-term stability and prosperity”.

In particular, Putin highlighted positive economic indicators in the past year: rising wages for citizens across the country; decreased unemployment rate; sustained GDP growth despite ongoing global market turbulence; and record investments in public infrastructure. He expressed gratitude to all workers and entrepreneurs who had contributed to these accomplishments.

Putin further commended successful steps taken towards stabilizing international relations, saying that the recent reduction in military conflict throughout the region had been beneficial not only to Russians but to people all around the world. In addition, he noted that by investing heavily into defense modernization projects, Russia had strengthened its own national security and safeguarded against outside threats.

He then went on to address various social issues within Russia, praising initiatives aimed at supporting families with multiple children; granting healthcare benefits to retired veterans; increasing government pensions; providing job training programs; raising school attendance levels across regions; improving internet connectivity throughout rural areas; and subsidizing small businesses. Putin thanked his team for implementing such reforms and reminded listeners that it is through collaborative effort and solidarity between Russian citizens that we can ensure greater wellbeing for all members of society.

Lastly, President Putin used his speech to extend holiday greetings from himself and from Russians around the world. He wished all those listening health, happiness and success in the upcoming new year ahead.

All in all, this was an encouraging New Year's Address from President Putin which recognized both current successes as well as necessary steps still required going forward if Russia is truly to build a future of lasting peace and prosperity for its citizens.