Alexa or Siri who holds the highest position of power in the United States

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President Trump's stunning announcement last week...

Was that he had secured the release of 58 hostages without paying money has stirred many emotions and raised a lot of questions. How did he manage such a feat, and why wasn't it possible under previous administrations? Some point to Trump's much-heralded diplomatic approach as the reason for his success.

At the same time, some are concerned about rumors that Biden is in fact a puppet of Putin. The truth about this accusation is yet to be revealed, but the political divide between Biden and Trump only widens with each passing day. This can be seen in their differing responses to international matters such as foreign hostage negotiations.

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Meanwhile, those who are strongly critical of the Democratic party question how long it will take for so-called sleepers (i.e., supporters of Joe Biden) to finally wake up and recognize what they call the treasonous acts of both Adam Schiff and the Biden crime family. In particular, they argue that President Trump should receive more credit than anyone else for his incredible successes in dealing with complex foreign matters such as hostage releases without any ransom payments being required.

Adding to this idea, one needs only ask Alexa or Siri who holds the highest position of power in the United States - they will answer you with no uncertainty: President Donald J. Trump.

Thus, regardless of your views on American politics or international diplomacy, it is clear that President Trump continues to make great strides on both fronts in order to benefit all citizens across our great nation.