Nationwide Poll: Judge Pirro

Nationwide Poll: Judge Pirro

Do you stand with Judge Jeanine after Fox News removed her show?

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Judge Jeanine Pirro March 9th Opening Statement

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66 thoughts on “Nationwide Poll: Judge Pirro

  1. Geraldine Swafford says:

    we love Judge Jeanine

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m done with Fox. They’re starting to lean to far left. Pisses me off.

  3. Pat Eddy says:

    Please bring her back! She is the voice of reason!! I just found Fox News but if this happens I, and many others will not continue to watch Fox News.

  4. Mark E Campbell says:

    There most be something with these networks getting rid of their highest rated shows because of politics?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good job showing your bare ass Fox execs .

  6. Dawn Marie Taylor says:

    We want the judge back on Fox. She has a right to say what she wants and to share her opinion. If you listen to the other News programs, the left, the Hollywood elites, the Democrats they all have said and done so much worse! I’m fed up with the hypocrisy of the left! They threaten to kill those they don’t agree with and seldom is anything done. It’s ridiculous! If she offended any of her fan base then they have the choice to turn her off, but I do believe her remarks we’re right on!

  7. Robert Imperiale says:

    If she isn’t back on the air this weekend, FOX will lose me as a viewer.

  8. PAM says:

    Fox is being ridiculous! So tired of this double standard!

  9. Kathy REIDT says:

    Fox has sold us to the devil.

  10. Jeanie Hershey says:

    I stand with the judge, she was only telling the truth. What in the world is wrong with you Fox. I think I am going to start watching on OAN

  11. Mark says:

    Judge Jeanine Pirro is a Saturday evening staple in our house. We love how clearly and passionately she argues her point while providing solid evidence to support her assertions. She is a good and fair woman.
    While her comments about Omar were harsh, they were nothing compared to what is permitted on other networks about the President. Omar herself suggested that President Trump was not human.
    I am not one to be easily offended, but I felt that way last Saturday when ai tuned in to hear what the Judge had to say about her controversial statements. FOX viewers were robbed.

  12. Mark Williams says:

    Judge Jeanine Pirro is a Saturday evening staple in our house. We love how clearly and passionately she argues her point while providing solid evidence to support her assertions. She is a good and fair woman.
    While her comments about Omar were harsh, they were nothing compared to what is permitted on other networks about the President. Omar herself suggested that President Trump was not human.
    I am not one to be easily offended, but I felt that way last Saturday when ai tuned in to hear what the Judge had to say about her controversial statements. FOX viewers were robbed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Fox don’t be a LibTurd keep Judge Jeanine

  14. Raymond Lovejoy says:

    She did nothing wrong! She told the truth. Fox is started down the wrong path!

  15. Rhonda Combs says:

    I’m done with Fox news!

  16. Cindy Grady says:

    What is happening to FOX,??
    You suspend her yet you keep people like Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams!!!
    And now you have hired Donna Brazille……except for Hannity , Laura Ingram and Tucker Carlson, I am done with the news!

  17. Margaret Clark says:

    Yes all I can say is. I went her back and that’s a yes forever. I will never watch Donna’s show ever.

  18. Kathy Blough says:

    Where is free speech?

  19. Lenore Felix says:

    This was one of the stupidest moves ever made by a network! You get rid of Judge Jeanine and we get rid of you. You are barely keeping your ratings as it is with the liberal morons like Shepherd Smith that induces us to change the channel as quickly as possible. Are you really that stupid?

  20. Donald Harris says:

    You’re foolish to put a stain on you’re best talent. The left will never be on board with Fox. Why shoot yourself in the foot. You sell a product to you you reviewers, not to the naysayers. Put the judge back on the air now. You’re ratings will suffer if you dont bring her back.

  21. Anonymous says:

    This family will not watch Fox new or even turn the station on this is the United States Of America and is these muslin don’t like our constitution or freedom then pack your muslin ass and get out of our country. We the people I mean the true America who can swear the oath of office on the Bible and say so help me God for he will take out this evil 👿 muslin crap

  22. Peter Foges says:

    we must understand that Fox is part of the syndication that want’s to destroy America. The strategy in to give just a little more of the truth so as to keep their listeners from searching for more of the truth. Judge Jeanine got a little to close to telling the whole story so they removed her.

  23. John wheeler says:

    I don’t think she said 1 thing wrong or out of line! Bring Judge Jeanine back!

  24. Mark Shafer says:

    She said NOTHING WRONG…and I WANT the question she asked ANSWERED! …bring her back or I’m finished with FOX news……I’m disgusted in the way she’s been treated!

  25. Melissa Curtis says:

    I’m tuning out of Fox News because Judge Janine was right about Sharia, it’s not compatible with US laws.. and we love her commentaries. That self proclaimed lying Christian side kick ofHillarys is not worth two cents, Donna Brazille. She’s a fake person, no integrity, unlike Judge Janine.

  26. Kellie Arendt says:

    This makes me so sick! I’ve been angry all day! I love her! She speaks the truth! Shame on Fox News. I won’t ever watch Fox again! I’ll watch Tucker, Hannity and Laura on YouTube! By Fox! Good luck you’ve destroyed your fan base! I literally pray you go broke now!

  27. Berry Johnson says:

    I am moving to OAN. Channel 347 on direct TV
    All Fox wants to do is sell their Books☹️

  28. Anonymous says:

    Robert Murdock was not a conservative, but he understood that conservatives had no voice in the main stream media, so he started Fox to give them that voice. It was also a brilliant move financially. Now that the network is being run by liberal wives and kids, they think it is smart to become another liberal network. Conservatives will leave the networkin droves if they continue in this liberal direction. There are other minor conservative networks, such as OAN that will gradually take Fox’s place as the network of conservative reason.

  29. Michael says:

    what is wrong with you Fox??? getting the itch and figure on hiring a democrat to take the judges place so you can get on the questioning of the democratic prez canidates. i will stop watching Fox unless the Judge comes back on.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I guess I will not be watching Fox News anymore,you get rid of the Wonderful Judge for telling the truth,then bring in a known Liar Donna Brazile ? Time to watch One America News ! Bye Bye Faux News !

  31. Charlotte Morris says:

    The Judge said nothing wrong. We are the USA and have a right to our opinions.
    Why does Fox always stand up for these crazy , lying liberals. We the people will not be fooled any longer. That House of Representatives Muslim does not even like our country. We do not believe in Sharia law we all go by the US Constitution . We watch a lot of Fox programs but that can stop if you take the Judge off the air.
    If you do not like what she says
    Put below the opening statement this is not the opinion of Fox News.

  32. Frances Sessa says:

    For putting a simple question to Ilhan Omar, the anti Semite, Judge Jeanine is FIRED? Why didn’t Ilhan answer “America’s” Question? Then the supposedly above Board Fox Hires Donna Brasile, a Liar and a Cheat, willing to flip the Presidential race from Trump to Lying Hillary .. whose Leftist, Twisted mind and set of Rules is Fox using? The rules that will put Fox out of Business .. Shame on FOX .. Dumb Dumb Fox .. Shooting yourself in the foot.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Bring her back!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Fox you wrong in taking Judge Jeanine off your chanel. And Donna Brasile really, liar and cheat, no a good move. Shame on you I will no longer watch you show.

  35. Ronnie Burgin says:

    We been watching Fox from the beginning and this month will be the end of it. Just waiting for the March Madness to be over and the cable will be cut. GOODBYE FOX

  36. Wes says:

    Fox like many media giants are showing their BIAS…. Keep up this way and you’ll loose even more viewers, ASSHAT….

  37. M. Summers says:

    I done with Foxnews until they bring back Judge Janine and get rid of Donna Brazil.

  38. M. Summers says:

    I’m done with Foxnews until they bring back Judge Janine and get rid of Donna Brazil.

  39. Nan says:

    Time Judge to start your own news show called the Truth.. fox fake news was paid off

  40. Debi Bozeman says:

    PLEASE bring Judge Jeanine back!!! I loved her show!! She tells it like it is. I am loosing huge faith in you, Fox News!!!!!!!!! The decisions that you have been making recently are very disappointing!! Many people are disgusted with your decision here and you are turning against your watching base who look to you for the truth, the facts and telling it like it is! We want Judge Jeanine back and it was NOT right in letting her go!!! BRING JUDGE JEANNINE BACK, PLEASE!!!! BRING HER BACK!!!

  41. Cathy says:

    The radical left socialists are taking over the country. God help us!

  42. Anonymous says:


  43. ltcolcap says:

    Love the Judge. Whoever at Fox News had her removed needs to have their arse handed to them and kicked out the door. This includes all producers and upper management.

  44. sandra l shepheard says:

    I can not believe you did this!! Then hire a crooked democrat to replace her!!! Done with you FOX!!!!

  45. Chet Welch says:

    Watch the Judge, on Direct TV, channel 347, at 10:00pm CST, and stop watching the Disney owned, FOX News. The next one to fall, will probably be Tucker Carlson. Sad commentary on our freedom of the press, to present to the citizens of the United States, unbiased news. “Just the facts mam, just the facts.”

  46. Anonymous says:

    It’s becoming harder and harder to watch Fox News. I feel like I can’t relate to them more and more. They’re caving to the pressures from the left and sound more like CNN and MSNBC. Judge Pirro was one of main reasons I continued to watch Fox News.

  47. Michael W Howard says:

    I can not believe you hire a Lying Black woman after doing what you all have done to the Judge. Fox you make me sick

  48. Sandie says:

    I see the Sissified liberal lying ignorant racist Democrats paid you off…I STAND WITH JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO 💯 % she doesn’t sugarcoat anything and tells the truth!!!!!!

  49. Mary Ellen Saylor says:

    Bring Judge Jeannine back Or you will lose. We will take fox out. I can’t believe fox is getting to be like CNN and the other liberals. No more. Bring her back or no more fox and believe me I’m not the only one that will boycott you. Millions are viewers like Jeannine, Tucker, Hannity and Laura…

  50. Joseph Throckmorton says:

    We miss her.BRING HER BACK!!!!!!
    Why on earth would ANYONE HIRE Donna Brazil????????????? She is SUCH A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. sharda says:

    FOX, you got a cheap, slimy slithering snake to cheat who will give important information of your company. What a sad time you have to hire a known crook. By the way, FOX YOUR ARE FIRED, you are not in my home anymore.

  52. ANITA ROBERTS says:


  53. Tracy says:

    Fox news is the only news station I watch, and I do so, fervently. If Fox chooses to keep Judge Jeanine off, you can be sure I will not be watching them anymore.

  54. James Di Maria says:

    To Fox News and associate.
    You are a disgrace to the American Patriots of this country. Judge Jeanine Pirro stands for all that is good and wholesome and of value for this nation.
    You amd your associates have broken the trust of the American people. We no longer consider you part of the true news.
    You have joint with the rest of the Fake News family. Elements of the liberal socialist establishment has taken over this once honorable network. We the people of the United States have spoken.

  55. diane hogden says:

    Objective: decrease conservative viewing by #1 – removing popular hosts (Tucker and the Judge) hoping that will decrease Pres. Trumps odds of winning re-election #2 – hire Ryan (treasonous creep) to board #3 cut down on conservative issues on programs and increase more liberal news

    We are not stupid and God will watch over us

  56. I am not going to beg FOX to put her back on, because I will never watch Fox news again. If they can’t let someone speak the truth they cannot be trusted for even weather reports. Furthermore I am going to find who advertises and I will never buy their product again.

  57. Mary Lawson says:

    No fake news with Judge Pirro! She tells it like it is. FOX is losing a lot of viewers – me included!

  58. Lynn Stanbrough says:

    Bring her back. It was stupid to let her go. She said nothing wrong.

  59. Maureen says:

    Goodbye Fox!

  60. Greg says:

    I hope she fires Fox and goes elsewhere. Fox does not deserve her.

  61. Martha Clark says:

    I stopped watching Fox . I listen to the radio talk programs. Brian Kilmeade in the morning, Hannity early afternoon, then Mark Lavin at 3. They uplift me and give me encouragement in our great USA!!!🇺🇸 Thanks Fox for your good news broadcasting the past 2 years, but I ‘m done watching channel 205 on dish. My radio is my news station now.

  62. CV says:

    Voice of truth=Jeanine

  63. Thomas Scheland says:

    Come on Fox bring her back there was no reason to fire her stop being politically correct. if the Muslim producer doesn’t like was she say then she should leave Fox .

  64. Anonymous says:

    Liberal Disney bought FOX network and she was fired by a Muslim.

  65. Don Huston says:

    None better than Judge Jeanine

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