How To Use YouTube To Get Unlimited Traffic To Your Website or Any Business

How To Use YouTube To Get Unlimited Traffic To Your Website or Any Business

How To Use YouTube To Get Unlimited Traffic To Your Website or Any Business Learn how to use YouTube to get unlimited traffic to your website, blog, or any business.

Hey everybody, jay hiatt here and really what I

wanted to go to today, is what was this called influencer traffic and how to really capital lies in getting by YouTube.

really just a the ability to get your hands on millions of different people at an instant… I people real okay. I mean instant there’s. No challenge to very simple and I’m the key word that I want you to keep in mind is, as what doing this is called aspirations.

if you guys could like and comment and share any of my are gonna give away a hundred dollars are randomly to the person that life Comments and shares the video at the end of low that’s when we poster next video next week, but we’re looking forward to teaching you, this particular strategy because it’s something that you can absolutely do you guys very quickly.

Yeah most people are not doing it so I wanna show you this and then what you’ll do integration of all and the key is just to keep in mind the word aspirations so if you are to going you two and just type in the Word luxury.

time yeah. You told of a bunch of different things spent. You know what whatever that is, your trying to sell. You, wanna find an youtube channel. The that taps into the aspirations of people letter going to that particular um. You know so.

This particular youtube channel and when you do that when you make that connection between the people that are constantly viewing the channel

Aspirations you’re, gonna be able to bridge the the connection very easily. So you know, what’s regards to what amy and I do. Um you know just as an example. You can type in lot of different words but, let’s type in the word.

How luxury lifestyles and just kinda see what a close up and as you tennis scroll down you’ll, see a lot of different channel’s lot of different things going we’ll just click on This one here the luxury Dubai life, lifestyle is an example.

That’s actually, let’s go to the channel And just kinda look at some different things that this guy is to me.

I mean he’s got eight million particular views on so he’s a video blogger and this is probably gonna in mind that the word aspirations is something be one that you know as an example and keep that you wanna, look at.

and so what you do is you just go to the about section and you just can’t ring through and here it is right here so what you do is you just email know this guy and say hey listen what Can idea to go my message in front of your subscribers and and really that’s the essence very simple, but hardly anybody doesn’t and a lot of these guys, whether they’re in the United States you’re in Dubai or wherever you you’re choosing do this from alright.

Their where they really don’t have any idea. How to monetize it so you know just say and okay adding imitation get to one of your youtube site, so that we not the beginning of the Middle of the, how much would you charge me Hey you’ll be surprise, it’s gonna be a very affordable way.

by I guarantee but I he’s got five million subscribers than if you just have that little antique Asian, whether it’s in the description, whether it’s in the video feed yourself, whatever it is uh.

tapping in the people that these people that are This is give them get you our constant traffic and your watching there’s name, how you know, like you could take some how would you like to be able to get this car.

You know just popped in to the link Low or how would you like to have this lifestyle and and be able to afford one of these Lamborghini easier or it’s not. Your song himself we’re and say you just make the connection and you use whatever it is. Your selling yeah. It doesn’t have to be with you no luxury lifestyle is gonna. Do selling you can work with you know, dog sitter can be. We cannot go whatever it is you’re doing.

You just find the aspirations, find a video blogger and then contact the It’s the keep that’s the golden. I get that I want to give to you remember if you guys like comment and share this Amy and I are gonna be giving away a hundred dollars by random. We know the next time that we post a video so I h ope that you do and we’ll see you on the next video on my friends, you guys have a wonderful afternoon we’ll talk to you soon…


ow To Use YouTube To Get Unlimited Traffic To Your Website or Any Business

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