Why you shouldn’t be frustrated and disappointed…

Why you shouldn’t be frustrated and disappointed…


I genuinely want all my business-minded friends and followers to see and experience this story of our frustration and disappointment.

I remember it like it was yesterday when I first got excited about becoming an internet entrepreneur…

The idea of being an “entrepreneur”, the freedom to do what you want, when you want, the lifestyle I was seeing from others, the income potential was fascinating to me.

I was 39 years old single father, no real money, no experience, no understanding of basics, and no one to show me the way.

But you know how sometimes when you have a burning desire to do shomething, you always seem to find a way?

Well, that was me back then.

I joined a many direct sales marketing companies, in fact one i remember spending over 20,000 dollars.

Being very new and having no understanding, i thought if i invest a large amount of money into marketing, traffic, promoting, with this company.., surely i would make some quick money. Why because, the “gurus” kept telling me that this here is the #1 secret to success…

Amy and I worked hard and gave it my all. Working 8 hours a day, i would come home and work on my internet business at night, most of the time going into the 12 – 1 am time frame.

I thought if i worked harder, that this would be my ticket to success or so i thought. 🙂 smiling

After all that hard work and investments when I looked at my sales reports – I had vertually 0 in sales. I did not see the return i was expecting and it was a horrible feeling.

My heart sank…

Amy and I got disappointed and frustrated…

Amy questioned my direction, frequently…

The amount of money we spent could have been spent in so many other ways.

I remember the most horrible feeling was our account was so empty that we had to borrow money from an annuity just to pay some bills…

We almost gave up on our dream…

But the small quiet voice inside of me kept telling me that I could figure it out somehow.

If somebody else could do it, I could surely find a way, too!

So I decided to stay and give it one more shot.

Call it luck or whatever, (I call it a blessing) – I found somebody who was doing what I wanted to do and I listened to his teaching as if my life depended on it (which it kind of did.. ).

I remember staying up all through the night on multiple occasions learning, building, applying…

Hours didn’t matter, I was hungry.

And then I remember, having my first ever breakthrough – my first sale!


Our friend, if you’re trying to build your dream right now and you’re anything like I was, my message for you is simple – please do not give up.

We are so glad we didn’t throw in the towel when all logic and common sense screamed: “give up!”

Sometimes one sound idea is all you need to change everything.

Our one idea was simple – do the polar opposite of what everybody else in the marketplace is doing. Take charge and build YOU. Do so by doing certain things in a certain way.

That’s it.

That one idea and advice changed our life forever.

That one idea allowed us to affect over 40,000 people in 2017 reaching success in life and in business. We now build large teams of people, and now teach others how to do it properly.

Look, we want to encourage you.

Keep on keeping on.

Today we teach our students and anybody who’s willing to listen – DON’T DO WHAT EVERYBODY IN YOUR SPACE IS DOING!

And since 2006, and many struggles we have planted our flag and dedicated our careers to helping people create real and lasting breakthroughs in their business and life through the project called ‘The FourPercent Challenge’.

If you’re reading this, we may or may not personally know you..

But if you’re reading this and you’re anything like we were in the beginning – Amy and I, sincerely invite you to check out The FourPercent Challenge.

We don’t want to sell you on it or whatever. We are just saying – if you’re struggling and want somebody to take you by the hand and show you what to do, how to do it, when, and why…

Without confusion, frustration, overwhelm…

Check this out and experience this for yourself:

If I can help you in any way – this is it.

Hope this (quite long) story inspires you to move forward and perhaps give it one more shot.

We are telling you – the only way to fail in anything is if you give up.

Don’t give up.

You got this. You can do it.


Being frustrated and disappointed

Our Story

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